Concrete Services

If you have a concrete order or you need some work done involving concrete services you will want a good local company on your door step. HESD Concrete is right here in Los Angeles which makes it ideal because you will not have to wait those extra hours for our contractors to get to you because of nightmare traffic here in LA.

The services we cover here in Los Angeles are diverse and broad. We like to give our customers options and there are many when it comes to concrete solutions. We take care of some of the following concrete solutions here in Los Angeles.

Basement Flooring - If you have a floor that needs some attention then we can help you out. Having worked on a number of basement floors here in Los Angeles we provide concrete skims and overlays and even basement concrete crack repairs. It’s all in a day’s work for HESD Concrete Los Angeles.

Concrete Driveways - Any driveway eventually needs a facelift but it can take some time. We work to show you options that will suit you once you are ready to give your driveway a new look. This can be from resurfacing, block paving or stamped concrete solutions we have many ways to improve the look of the driveway.

Concrete Overlays - You essentially want to consider a concrete overlay when you find your floors not looking so good. You might have taken up your wood flooring or tile in your home and noticed it’s not looking that great underneath. Cracks do appear because of seismic activity and other factors and it’s good to get a concrete overlay before any new floors are installed.

Concrete Walkways - You have walkways everywhere, especially around your home. We specialize in repairing walkways here in Los Angeles and also replacing walkways with a new look. With pavers and stamped concrete and slab concrete there are many options to improve any walkway.

Retaining Wall - A retaining wall has many benefits, from safety to aesthetics. Here at HESD Concrete Los Angeles we specialize in building and repairing retaining walls. We look forward to giving you a price quote.

Outdoor Kitchens - If you enjoy cooking then we recommend having an outdoor kitchen built. Not only is this a nice environment to host dinners in it is also another way to enjoy cooking in the great outdoors.

When you are ready to have any concrete work done we recommend you give us a call and one of our excellent sales staff will help you out.

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  • Dean Rodgers, (Sales Manager)

    “When concrete ages it can become weakened and eventually deteriorates to the point where it needs to be replaced. That’s where HESD Concrete comes in to add a quality solution.”

  • Linda Carter, (Customer Relations)

    “We set out to be the most sought after concrete company in Southern California and we have achieved that through our customer support and superior service.”

  • Tom Wilson, (VP of Marketing)

    “We cater not only to commercial customers but residential customers as well. We pride ourselves on being able to help any customer that comes to us.”