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HESD Concrete

The company was founded back in the early 90’s to service the greater Los Angeles area with concrete solutions. Today it has grown in to this well oiled machine that helps thousands of customers a year.

What has made HESD Concrete such a success is its commitment to not only the industry but providing the perfect concrete solutions to our customers across Southern California. We originally started our company from humble beginnings consisting of just one concrete truck and catering to more residential clients around Los Angeles. But over the years more demand for our services meant that we would need more trucks and crew to meet this demand. Slowly we did hire more people and started to service bigger areas and we purchased more vehicles to the point where we now cover all of Southern California.

We also found that with concrete its flexibility that is needed in this industry. The reason being is that projects can get held up through forces of nature beyond our control or building schedules being behind so we are flexible for our customers. We find that by being that company that is constantly in contact with our clients we have good communication to make sure deliveries are on time and if changes need to be made they are addressed early.

The types of project we have worked on have been pretty huge. We started off with pouring concrete for people’s driveways and new swimming pools and then we incorporated more commercial jobs for foundation concrete pours and resurfacing projects for supermarkets and aircraft hangers. Our sales staff has really been instrumental and dynamic in making sure our entire customer base have been helped to get the work done they desire. They take in to account project time and cost to make sure you get the concrete you want when you want.

our advantages

Handling Orders

We are a big enough company to handle any order. This can be from a small concrete pour to a large pour covering thousands of square feet.

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Our Staff

We have very proven and loyal staff members who really love their job. And this has been the catalyst to building HESD Concrete in to the fantastic company it is.

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We like to handle every single service related to concrete, from concrete overlay, concrete crack repair, stamped concrete and much more. We do it all and we are very proud of this.

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